Our purpose is to:

-Support new and old Linux operating system users in Ghana.
-Provide a forum for getting support on Linux related questions.
-Help new users install their own copies of Linux, in their own way.
-Increase awareness of the Linux operating system to Ghana IT community.
-Connect technology providers to developers and users to increase the knowledge base of available technology solutions.
-Connect people through networking and educational programs and forums to improve the understanding of the industry and to share knowledge and experience.
-Connect people to bring solutions to technology developers and users.
-Connect education to the industry through programs and initiatives to increase the skills of today's and tomorrow's workforce. publicizes career pathways and opportunities in the industry for students and new workers.

More On Us


The Linux Accra, Ghana User Group (LAUG) meets every Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm at the Ghana India Kofi Annan Advanced Information Technology Institute.
What do we do at these meetings ?
-Install distributions for newcomers and strangers.
-Help solve Linux related problems, as well as engaging in networking. etc
-Teach members the benefits of Linux, comparing Linux to other operating systems.
-Teach about Linux Kernel Teach about the various types of Linux Programming Languages.
-Teach members about application software. Discuss advocacy. Discuss the free software / open-source movement.